Veterans' Day in Merriam, KS

Quadrofonic Wingnut November 2013






From the site:

800 flags were planted on a hillside overlooking I-35 in Kansas City (Merriam). All day long, folks were honking their appreciation as they passed and many stopped to photograph this massive display.

Flags placed by Boy Scout Troop 2162 as fundraiser […]

Britain Observes Remembrance Day

The British Monarchy Facebook 10 November 2013

The Queen at the Cenotaph on Whitehall where she laid a wreath during the annual Remembrance Sunday service, 10 November 2013. More than 10,000 military veterans and civilians will march past the Cenotaph later to commemorate the war dead.





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Our thanks to all who serve

11 November 2011

In Flanders Field An American Housewife 11/11/2011

In the US we know, vaguely, of November 11th as Veteran’s Day, which follows the Marine Corps birthday by a day. Sadly, it isn’t much noticed. Memorial Day in May is bigger in the national consciousness.

In the UK Remembrance Sunday is held the closest […]

Britain falls silent to remember war dead

Millions of Britons have held a two-minute silence to remember the nation’s war dead.

The Telegraph [UK] 11 Nov 2011

The tribute started at 11am, the time the guns on the Western Front fell silent at the end of the First World War in 1918.

Ceremonies nationwide commemorated fallen servicemen and women from both […]

Massachusetts school closes for Muslim religious holiday of Eid

Bare Naked Islam 11/9/2011

More at Bare Naked Islam.

Related: Thanks to the English Defence League (EDL), the Muslim hate group ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ has been banned in the UK

On the eve of the Muslim ‘Hell for Heroes’ protest against British Military Heroes Remembrance Day, the UK Home Secretary has made it […]

‘Occupy London’ using St. Paul’s Cathedral ‘as a latrine’

St Paul’s staff have to clean up human waste INSIDE the cathedral as protesters ‘use it as a latrine’

Cleric: ‘This is desecration of a very holy place’

Protest camp: Masked demonstrators outside St Paul's Cathedral which has been daubed and human waste left inside the building

Craig MacKenzie Daily Mail [UK] 7th […]