‘Blankets, Books and Buddies’ for children in Moore, OK. Update: Sheets for MASH unit

As A Mom 5/28/2013

As A Mom has a program that we call “Blankets, Books, and Buddies.” This program was started a couple of years ago because as moms, when there is a devastating event, we want to reach out and help, especially the smallest victims. We have done this several times, and our moms […]

Sign the Petition Opposing Cap and Trade Tax

via AsAMom which has linked to “Global Climate Scam: Exposing the truth about global warming hysteria.”

The content of the petition:

Petition Opposing Cap-and-Trade

WHEREAS the proposed United Nations Global Climate Treaty intends to establish an un-democratic world government which would override our United States Constitution and surrender our national sovereignty; and

WHEREAS the Waxman-Markey […]