DHS Employee Tasked With Buying Weapons Has a Website Dedicated to Murdering White People

Katie Pavlich Townhall 8/23/2013

Ayo Kimathi is an employee at the Department of Homeland Security. His job description? Purchasing ammunition and weapons. He’s also the owner of waronthehorizon.com, a website dedicated to advocating the murder of white people. He’s also a homophobe.





…“Warfare is eminent,” the website declares, “and in […]

Ashton Kutcher Defends Sarah Palin Against MSM’s ‘Repulsive’ Email Crusade

John Nolte Big Hollywood 6/11/2011

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Some things are so wrong that even some who would never vote for Governor Palin can’t stand quietly by as they occur. Nothing led the MSM to these emails. There was no hint of scandal, no tip about corruption. This was an […]