New Mexico GOP to Holder: Where’s the transparency?

By Michelle Malkin August 27, 2009

The New Mexico Republican Party is asking pointed questions about the DOJ’s decision to drop charges against crony Democrat governor and failed Commerce Secretary nominee Bill Richardson.

It was “killed in Washington,” we’ve been told.

Who killed it and why?

Show us the sunlight, Team Obama:

ALBUQUERQUE—In response to […]

American Thinker: Obama’s war on American sovereignty

August 28, 2009 Thomas Lifson

Andrew McCarthy explains on NRO [“Eric Holder’s Hidden Agenda“] what’s really going on with AG Holder’s investigation of the CIA over interrogation techniques. It’s what McCarthy delicately calls Obama’s “fondness for transnationalism,” or what I would call his war on American sovereignty.

In lucid terms, McCarthy examines the legal doctrines […]

Sen. Lieberman Slams Holder’s Investigation of CIA Officials

A statement from the Connecticut senator on AG Holder’s decision to name a prosecutor to investigate and potentially criminally charge CIA interrogators:

“I respectfully regret this decision by Attorney General Holder and fear our country will come to regret it too because an open ended criminal investigation of past CIA activity, which has already been […]