Another Blow for State's Anti-Eavesdropping Law

Michael Tarm Associated Press via ABC News 11/26/2012

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday delivered another blow to a 50-year-old anti-eavesdropping law in Illinois, choosing to let stand a lower court finding that key parts of the hotly debated law run counter to constitutional protections of free speech.

In that critical lower-court ruling in May, […]

NC Sen. Kay Hagan refuses to answer how Health Care mandate is constitutional

TheRightScoop 4/22/2010

I know many of you have heard democrats do the ‘democrat dodge’ before, but this is my senator and there is simply no excuse for it. Kay Hagan, interviewed yesterday by Rush Radio 94.5 [not affiliated with Limbaugh], is asked twice about how the health care mandate is constitutional and she simply refuses […]

Howard Stern Calls Obama a communist

H/T Kosmosnet 3/14/2010