Auto dealers warn fuel efficiency proposal will price out millions of buyers

Judson Berger 2/15/2012

American auto dealers are pushing back on proposed fuel economy rules that, they claim, would price out millions of buyers from the new-car market, potentially jeopardizing the environmental benefits of the program and the resurgent auto industry itself.

Throughout the Obama administration’s campaign to jack up fuel efficiency, officials claimed that […]

Obama to automakers: ‘You can’t just make money on SUVs and trucks’

Andrew Restuccia The Hill 8/15/2011

The country’s automakers should ditch their focus on SUVs and trucks in favor of smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles, President Obama said Monday.

“You can’t just make money on SUVs and trucks,” Obama said during a town hall forum in Cannon Falls, Minn. “There is a place for SUVs and trucks, […]

Cadillac Escalades for me but not for thee…?

While we endorse efficient fuel mileage for autos and trucks, we wonder is Obama trying to destroy the U.S. auto industry so we’ll have to line up like sheeple to ride his high-speed trains? Everyone here drives compact cars (though dogzilla lusts for a certain Honda SUV) all getting well over 34 mpg now, but […]