Once They Own Your Kids, What’s Left?

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton NoisyRoom.net 11/20/2011

…Don’t make the mistake of thinking [Nancy Pelosi] is incompetent or crazy. Pelosi is anything but. She is aggressive, brutal and power hungry. She crushes anyone who gets in the way of her agenda. Now she is coming after our children. Parents, it’s crunch time. You need to get your children […]

Nancy Pelosi Wants A Federal Babysitting Service

Michael Brendan Dougherty Business Insider 11/18/2011

Buried in a Washington Post story about Herman Cain calling Nancy Pelosi, “Princess Nancy” is a new policy idea that Pelosi has been pitching recently during her short tour through California.

“One of the great pieces of unfinished business is high-quality child care; I wonder why we just can’t […]