Sen. Marco Rubio Delivers GOP Response to Obama’s State of the Union Address

Brian Freedom’s Lighthouse 2/12/2013

Here is video of Sen. Marco Rubio’s GOP Response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address tonight.

Rubio emphasized the principle that bigger Government is not the solution to what ails America. President Obama is proposing larger and larger Government. He made a strong case for the need to get […]

Sen. Rand Paul gives the Tea Party’s response to the State of the Union Address

Eduardo89rp YouTube 2/12/2013

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky gives the Tea Party’s response to President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address.

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Politico has posted the transcript of the speech.

From Breitbart’s Big Government, Fact Check: State of the Union 2013

Update: What Joe Wilson said:

H/T Green Mountain Scribes

Ted Nugent’s […]

Cliff diving

Washington already drove us off the fiscal cliff while no one was looking.

Gov. Bobby Jindal Politico 12/6/2012

As the nation eagerly awaits Washington’s solution to the so-called fiscal cliff, and as the negotiations continue back and forth in both the media and in reality, here are a few thoughts for consideration.

Today it’s the […]

Why We Fight

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and lots of courage

Daniel Horowitz RedState 7/31/2011

Over the past week, the Tea Party has been impugned and maligned with more ferocity than ever before. Amidst our push to balance the budget, downsize job-killing government agencies and programs, and preserve our AAA credit rating, we have been condemned as […]

Levin: Constitutional genius Obama can’t veto balanced budget amendment

The Right Scoop 7/18/2011

Earlier today Obama threatened he would veto the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill if it reaches his desk. Levin says the only problem with this is that, while he can veto the Cut and Cap part, if the Balanced Budget Amendment passes both the House and the Senate it goes to […]

Balanced budget amendment headed to House floor next Wednesday

Amanda Carey The Daily Caller 7/12/2011

A balanced budget amendment will be considered on the House floor next Wednesday, The Daily Caller has learned from a senior GOP source on Capitol Hill.

House leadership gave the amendment its stamp of approval, when House Speaker John Boehner laid out three conditions for any deal on the […]