Barney Frank ‘Appalled’ By Obama Administration: ‘They Just Lied To People’

Zach Carter The Huffington Post 8/1/2014

…Obama has taken significant flak in conservative circles for claiming that his health care overhaul would allow all existing health care plans to continue, when, in fact, new consumer protection standards would require some people to sign up for more comprehensive insurance. The law provides government subsidies to help […]

Another Sore Winner… Radical Lib Moran Refuses to Take Murray’s Concession Call

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 11/3/2010

…Radical far left Democrat Jim Moran refused to take Republican Patrick Murray‘s call last night after Moran won reelection in Virginia.

FOX News reported:

The same congressman who refused to accept military service as public service has also refused a concession call from his opponent he previously insulted.

A senior aide […]