Watching British culture sink into the sea

Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs

Solicitors told how to draw up Sharia-style wills penalising widows and non-believers

John Bingham The Telegraph [UK] 22 Mar 2014

Islamic law is to be effectively enshrined in the British legal system for the first time under guidelines for solicitors on drawing up “Sharia compliant” wills.

Under […]

UK bill moves to limit power of Sharia Courts

Baroness Cox: Courts backing polygamy and discriminating against women

David C. Jennings Canada Free PRess 4/21/2013

Under the Arbitration Act of 1996, Muslims in the UK were empowered to resolve certain legal matters within their faith in a similar way to that already granted to Jewish Beth Din courts. These allow adherents of (mostly orthodox) […]

Baroness Cox to stop Sharia Law from operating in UK

Blazing Cat Fur 6/8/2011

The plans come amid increasing concern about the use of sharia courts to adjudicate on family law and criminal matters.

Baroness Cox, a cross bench peer, will publish legislation which campaigners hope will tackle the increasing use Islamic law to settle disputes in Muslim communities.

Lady Cox, who was made a […]

Did Ground Zero Mosque Founder Lie to NYC? Is Real Goal Sharia Not ‘Religious Dialogue’?

PJTV 5/27/2010

Former terrorist Walid Shoebat, reveals disturbing contradictions between Ground Zero mosque founder Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf’s English statements and his Arabic comments. Abdul Rauf directly contradicted his New York Daily News article from earlier this week, and, in the process, lied to New York City about his true intentions.

While contemplating the […]