Reports: Massive New Year's Terrorist Invasion of Israel Thwarted by Security Forces

Paul Miller Big Peace 25 Jul 2014

Thousands of Hamas-linked terrorists planned to invade Israel on the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), which begins on September 24, according to an Israel security source.

First reported by Ma’ariv, then in English by i24news, “thousands of terrorists were meant to cross over to Israel from Gaza […]

BBC Warns – Gaza Photos Aren’t Really from Gaza

Many of the graphic images being shared on social media are really from Syria or Iraq, finds the broadcaster.

Gil Ronen Arutz Sheva 7/8/2014

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) published a short report Tuesday in which it warned that many of the graphic images that are being shared on social media, purporting to show destruction […]

Looking ahead to 2016: Progressive media giving tortured, murdered Ambassador the 'Alinsky' treatment

Hillary. 2016. You understand…blaming a third-rate home video and incarcerating its creator wasn’t convincing enough.


20 January 2014

It seems to have begun here: Yeah. Those photos of Ambassador Stevens being tortured are still in my head, too.

Benghazi is ‘gone, baby, it’s in your head’: Juan Williams sparks Rove’s rage…

…“You’re all in […]

Stevens Cabled Washington Less Than A Month Before Attack: CIA Says '10 Islamist Militias And AQ Training Camps Within #Benghazi'…

Zip Weasel Zippers 1/16/2014

Makes the recent NY Times report blaming the attack on a video even more absurd.

Via CNS News:

On August 16, 2012–a little less than a month before the terrorist attacks on the U.S. State Department and CIA facilities in Benghazi, Libya–Amb. Chris Stevens sent a cable to State Department headquarters […]

According To Oprah If You Oppose Obama’s Policies You’re A Racist Who Should Maybe Just Die

Lonely Conservative 11/15/2013

It looks like Oprah Winfrey doesn’t think too highly of about half the country that made her one of the richest women in the world. In an interview with the BBC she opined that those opposed to President Obama’s policies are a bunch of racists. If that’s not bad enough, she continued, […]

Caving to CAIR WordPress shuts down blog ‘Bare Naked Islam’

CAJ note: We’ve linked to the site on numerous occasions. Bare Naked Islam is not a hate site but a powerful voice exposing the truth of the pain and suffering perpetrated around the world in the name of The Religion of Peace™.

Hamas-Tied Unindicted Co-Conspirator CAIR Launches TOS Attack on WordPress-Hosted Bare Naked Islam

Donald […]