Mike Bloomberg calls for more decorum in public life…

…but some people aren’t impressed

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 2/4/2011

MIKE BLOOMBERG CALLS FOR MORE DECORUM IN PUBLIC LIFE, but some people aren’t impressed: “But I guess it’s OK for Bloomberg to diss ObamaCare opponents by insinuating they had a role in the attempted bombing of Times Square, or diss the state of Arizona by running […]

Did the EPA create the bedbug revival?

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 8/30/2010

If it seems as though bedbugs come from another era, it’s because they generally do. In the US, the parasitic creatures had all but disappeared, thanks to pesticide applications after World War II. However, the EPA has banned the most effective pesticides that deal with bedbugs, and according to the Daily […]