What Secretary of State Kerry Doesn’t Know About Democracy or Islam…Would Fill a Book

Barry Rubin Rubin Reports PJ Media 2/28/2013

In practically his first outing as secretary of state abroad, John Kerry made some remarkable statements in a meeting with young Germans. The main thing being widely quoted is this:

“In America, you have a right to be stupid if you want to be,” he said. “And we […]

Germany: Over 1,000 Islamists Hold Anti-Israel Rally In Berlin…

Zip Weasel Zippers 8/28/2011

It’s not like Germany has a history of anti-Semitism or anything . . . no, wait?

(Ynet) — More than 1,000 Muslims marched Saturday in Berlin and chanted anti-Israel slogans to mark al-Quds Day, set by Iran following the Islamist revolution in the country.

The protestors in the anti-Israel rally […]

Islam or Freedom?

CAJ note: on 4 October 2010 we posted the transcript of Wilders’ prepared remarks. This article attempts to transcribe the speech exactly as it was delivered in Berlin.

“We will not accept Islamization.”

Baron Bodissey Gates of Vienna 10/7/2010

It has taken several days to put together a complete English-subtitled version of Geert Wilders’ speech […]

Feds Sound Travel Alert as Intel Shows Plots on Paris, Berlin

FoxNews.com 10/3/2010

Terrorists plotting to carry out a Mumbai-style massacre in western Europe have a list of high-profile targets in their sights ranging from the Eiffel Tower to a hotel near Berlin’s famed Brandenburg Gate, according to intelligence relayed to Fox News.

Information about the threat is seeping out as the United States issues […]