Sen. Grassley Investigation: SEC Has Destroyed Evidence to Prevent Probe

Uncoverage 8/17/2011

We reported the story yesterday that shameless SEC Chief Mary Schapiro is allowing her agency to be the “useful tool” of retribution of the Chicago-Mafioso-in-Chief, as he seeks to punish S&P for the credit downgrade by alleging “insider trading.”

That predatory witch hunt is a “deflection” of what is REALLY going on: If […]

Obama’s SEC chief gave Mark Madoff a job

14 December 2010

via Dan McLaughlin: Flashback to a Mark Madoff story that got buried in the rush of Obama’s appointments in 2008:

New SEC chief gave Bernard Madoff’s son a job Rosie Lavan The Sunday Times [UK] 18 Dec 2008

Mary Schapiro, Barack Obama’s choice to lead the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), […]