Probe Pigford Fraud

“[Pigford is] the largest scam against the federal taxpayers in the history of the United States.” ~USDA Employee John Stringfellow

IBD Editorials Investors Business Daily 7/21/2011

Oversight: As the hearing to give approval to the final settlement for the Pigford farmers approaches, it’s time to investigate this classic case of waste, fraud and […]

America 2011: Security Forces Struggle to Get Control of Wisconsin Capitol

Publius Big Government 3/10/2011

A mob currently controls the Wisconsin capitol building. They are trying to prevent an elected legislature from convening. If the left will go this far to protect their own pampered status in one state, imagine what they’ll do when we have to tackle the federal budget crisis.

…At a certain time, […]

Chicago Democrat Machine Throws Black Female Candidate Off the Ballot

Mike Flynn 7/7/2010

As we feared, the Chicago Democrat Machine reached into neighboring Will County and lined up a couple Democrat officials to throw Cedra Crenshaw, GOP candidate for the 43rd State Senate District, off the ballot. The Machine candidate in the district, A.J. Wilhelmi, is a legacy politician who was specially appointed to […]

Geithner to Pressure Collins—Man the Battle Stations

Capitol Confidential 4/19/2010

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) understands that the Dodd Financial Reform bill they are trying to ram through the Senate is a bailout. She has publically opposed the legislation. But that hasn’t stopped the Administration from pressuring her to change her mind.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Treasury Secretary Tim […]

Tracking ACORN’s rebranding process: a handy guide

Matthew Vadum 3/29/2010

ACORNrebrandingchart_Master –

‘Publius’ of reminds readers of the Stamp Act

Monday Open Thread: Repeal Edition

by Publius 3/22/2010

Today, in 1765, the British Parliament enacted the Stamp Act. It was eventually repealed. It gives us hope today. We have 8-9 months to create a GOP that will have the stomach to repeal the legislation that passed last night. They don’t have the spine […]