Judge Greenlights Lawsuit Against Guest-Worker Program Expanded by Executive Amnesty

Tony Lee Breitbart.com Big Government 25 Nov 2014

Now that a federal judge has allowed a lawsuit against the student guest-worker program that President Barack Obama expanded via executive action to proceed, the federal government will have to prove that there is actually a shortage of high-tech American workers to keep the program intact…

…As […]

Malkin shreds Jeb Bush, Common Core and ‘John Dewey/Saul Alinsky-marinated progressives’

Kyle Olson EAGNews.org 4/30/2014

…“And who are the people behind these efforts to usurp local control and sovereignty, to trample parental rights, to invade student privacy, and to undermine basic constitutional principles? Chamber of Commerce types, Republican Party types, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, the Establishment — they’re just a facade for the people who are […]

Proposed ‘Common Core Czar,’ governing body undercut promises to maintain locally controlled schools

Ben Velderman EAGnews 3/19/2014

Common Core money man Bill Gates appeared on a news show last Sunday to once again defend the K-12 experiment against charges that it will erode state and local control of public education.

“(Common Core) is not a federal takeover. Nobody’s pushing for that,” Gates said.

Gates’ proclamation was the latest […]

30 States Wage War on 'ObamaCore'

‘They thought people would be sheep and roll over, but it hasn’t turned out that way’


New York City families protest Common Core (Photo: WNYC)



Karen VanTil Gushta WorldNetDaily 3/2/2014

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of stories about Common Core, the controversial new educational agenda aimed […]

Bill Ayers bizarrely explains how to ‘teach freedom’ in new ‘Socialist USA’ book

Kyle Olson EAGnews.org 2/14/2014

A new book offers a full-throated plan for a socialist United States, and wouldn’t you know domestic terrorist-turned-educator Bill Ayers is right in the middle of it.

The book, “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA,” is published by the capitalists at HarperCollins.

Among the contributors are leftist luminaries like convicted […]

Bill Gates backing gun control measure

Dave Workman Seattle Gun Rights Examiner 11/14/2013

KPLU reported Wednesday that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda have contributed $25,000 apiece to the Initiative 594 campaign, joining a growing list of wealthy Seattle-area supporters of the 15-page gun control measure, as confirmed by Public Disclosure Commission documents obtained yesterday by Examiner and The […]