Hollywood Prepping Fawning, Sexually-Charged Hillary Biopic

Christian Toto Breitbart.com Big Hollywood 14 May 2013

A leaked script from Rodham, the upcoming biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton, read less like an actual movie project and more like what a screenwriter who moonlights as an MSNBC anchor might pen.

It’s that fawning … but it’s also a hopelessly cliched look at the early […]

Obama Administration Issues LGBT-Inclusive Rules Aimed at Eliminating Prison Sexual Assault

Chris Geidner Poliglot MetroWeekly 5/17/2012

Today, the Obama administration announced that it has finalized regulations implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act. According to an executive summary provided to members of the media and a conference call held with reporters, the regulations include provisions relating to “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming inmates” — […]