Breitbart on Pigford at CPAC

Live blog: Breitbart presser on Pigford

Ed Morrissey 2/10/2011

Andrew Breitbart held a press conference today on the Pigford controversy, and it began with high-profile Congresswoman Michele Bachman’s introduction. Bachmann asked why Eric Holder has yet to investigate the allegations of widespread fraud. Bachmann said that “people are milking the system for all it’s […]

Editorial: USDA’s Pigford fraud

Obama initiative ignores corruption to redistribute wealth

The Washington Times 2/2/2011

Race hustlers are shaking down taxpayers for payoffs, and the U.S.Department of Agriculture (USDA) is falling for the scam. The controversy involves a discrimination claim against the USDA for allegedly denying loans because of race. A federal judge approved payments of $50,000 or more […]