Union Thugs Demolish Lansing,Michigan Hot Dog Vendor Clint Tarver’s Equipment

Update: “N*gger, Uncle Tom” Updates 5 & 7: Clint Confirms The Slurs

Velvet Hammer Ironic Surrealism 12/12/2012

“Civil war”


Clint’s hot dog stand in Lansing, MI, decimated by union thugs, 12/11/2012


I support Clint:

Early today[December 11, 2012], Clint Tarver, known as “The Hot Dog Guy” here in Lansing had his […]

UAW’s King Exposes Fall Strategy at #DNC2012: Instill FEAR if GOP wins, HOPE if Dems win

LaborUnionReport RedState 9/4/2012

Among those few union bosses showing up for the Democrats’ national convention in Charlotte is the United Auto Workers’ Bob King.

The Bogeyman Cometh. Speaking to Michigan delegates on Tuesday, according to a report in the Detroit News [emphasis added], King outlined a union strategy of both fear and hope going into […]

The UAW’s last stand

Bernie Wodall, Ben Klayman and Jan Schwartz Detroit/Hamburg Reuters 12/29/2011

The United Auto Workers union is staking its future on the kind of struggle it hasn’t waged since the 1930s: a massive drive to organize hostile factories.

This time, the target is foreign car makers, whose workers have rebuffed the union repeatedly. Specifically, Reuters has […]

Irony Alert: UAW Protests Bank for Taking…a Government Bailout?!?

Editor LaborUnionReport.com 3/24/2011

…after helping force a government bailout at a cost of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars and ending up with ownership of both General Motors and Chrysler, the United Auto Workers (UAW) is creating a stir over the Bank of America’s acceptance of a government bailout.

On Thursday, as he was ending […]

UAW’s King Announces 2011 Goals: Target Foreign-Owned Auto Plants

LaborUnionReport RedState 12/23/2010

[See footnote below with regard to the GM/Toyota NUMMI plant in Fremont, California.]

Because they’ve done so well with General Motors, Chrysler and Ford, the union known as United Auto Workers (or Union of Ailing Workplaces) wants to help spread some union love to its competitors working in foreign-owned U.S. factories.

According […]

Andy Stern’s Ex Slams UAW’s King Over South Korean Sell Out

But we will fight them. Because this is a terrible, terrible deal for America, at a time when unemployment is soaring and the White House has zero plans for creating jobs — unless you’re in the international bank looting business. Everyone involved should be deeply, deeply ashamed of their participation in this, and […]