Rep. Justin Amash talks about his success in making libertarian ideas more mainstream

Glenn Beck 4/1/2014

After speaking to prominent libertarian writer Kevin Williamson on Monday’s Glenn Beck Program about the roadblocks Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) would face in a presidential election because of his libertarianism, Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) joined Glenn on radio this morning to discuss the state of the Republican Party and how he has […]

Justin Amash: Claims made in Ellis’s ‘bizarre smear campaign’ unfounded

Rep. Justin Amash 11/26/2013

Like many in our community, I’ve been left scratching my head at the bizarre smear campaign that was launched against me a few weeks ago—nearly a year before the Republican primary.

One day, my opponent says I’m too conservative because I stood firmly against Obamacare and voted against an earmark. […]

Will Congressman Justin Amash Lose His Seat In 2014?

Michael Lotfi Ben Swann Truth in Media 10/28/2013

Congressman Amash (R-MI), a libertarian leaning republican, is a hero to those who support him. Amash has a spotless record when it comes to core conservative values. In fact, he’s even won awards for his strong votes. Yet, his support of civil liberties and sound economic policy […]