Krauthammer: Obama Has 'Forfeited' The Stature Of The Presidency

Ian Schwartz Real Clear Politics 10/25/2012

“I think he’s made a strategic decision to abandon the advantage of being the incumbent and having the presidential air by using that kind of language, by going on the soft venues, by giving ridiculous speeches about Romnesia,” syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor Charles Krauthammer said on Thursday’s […]

Zimmerman family member calls NAACP ‘racists,’ says ‘there will be blood on your hands’ if George is hurt

Matthew Boyle The Daily Caller 4/2/2012

In a letter obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller on Monday, a family member of George Zimmerman ripped Seminole County, Fla. NAACP president Turner Clayton for a rush to judgment in the Trayvon Martin case.

“It’s time for you to end the race issue in this matter and call […]

NBC’s Brian Williams: “The world has no money and the emperor has no clothes.”

Karl Room 5/7/2010

Last night, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams talked to Dave Letterman about yesterday’s mini-plunge on Wall Street:

Williams noted the reports that attributed the afternoon free-fall to trader error and program trading, but correctly added that these were only the sparks to a larger pile of dry tinder. Traders […]

GE network profiles James O’Keefe

Brian Williams introduces this video profile of James O’Keefe.