Senator Wants to Know if BP Lobbied for Release of Lockerbie Convict

Robert Mackey The New York Times 7/13/2010

On Monday, Senator Frank Lautenberg, a New Jersey Democrat, called on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations “to investigate the role that BP may have played in securing the early release” of Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, a former Libyan intelligence officer who was convicted of murder for the […]

Feinberg To Step Down As Pay Czar

Alistair Barr MarketWatch Pulse 6/23/2010

SAN FRANCISCO — Kenneth Feinberg will step down as the government’s so-called pay czar this summer to focus on running the $20 billion oil spill fund being established by BP PLC , a spokesman for the Treasury Department said Wednesday. As the Special Master for TARP Executive Compensation, Feinberg […]

BP North Sea venture with Iran hit by US ban

The US has imposed sanctions on an Iranian oil company working with BP in the North Sea – listing it as a body that “persons should not do business with”.

Rowena Mason The Telegraph [UK] 19 June 2010

The move will be seen as further evidence of the fracturing relationship between the British energy […]

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20 June 2010 From the front page of the Drudge Report this evening:

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Read also BP Oil Spill: As Pay Czar Promises Money, Workers Turned Away From BP Claims Center. Feinberg Says Money is on the Way; Coast Guard Defends Spill Response, Saying Regulations Got […]

Emanuel links fall elections to GOP support of BP 6/20/2010

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama’s chief of staff is warning about what might happen if Republicans—who have defended BP over the Gulf oil spill—were to run Congress after the fall election.

Rahm Emanuel says the GOP philosophy is to paint BP as the victim. He says Obama will make clear to […]

BP disaster started in February?

Ed Morrissey 6/19/2010

Until this week, the general impression of the Deepwater Horizon blowout in the Gulf has been that the explosion took everyone by surprise, and that neither BP nor a dysfunctional MMS had any idea that the well had reached a critical stage. Two days ago, however, Bloomberg reported that both BP […]