For the good citizens of London enough is enough

Terrific!… London Locals Chase Rioting Goons From Neighborhood (Video)

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 8/9/2011

Enough Is Enough. London locals had enough of the recreational rioting and chased the hoodlums down the street.

Russia Today reported, via Free Republic:


From the Video: Londoners took to the streets to protect their neighbourhoods on Tuesday night after […]

140 years of business up in flames: Family-run furniture shop that survived the blitz is ravaged by riot fires

House of Reeves, established in 1867, is now just a charred shell Family owners say ‘Our lives have been ruined by the fire’

The Daily Mail [UK] 9th August 2011

The owners of a 140-year-old family furniture store were devastated today after seeing the charmed remains of the building that fell victim to the […]

British Socialists: Bring Cairo to London; Socialist Head of IMF: Now is the Time for a Global Currency

“We’re About Bringing This Government Down…” British Trotskysites Bring Cairo to London

Trevor Loudon New Zeal 2/15/2011

Over the weekend, the British Socialist Workers Party – which has been heavily involved in the build up to the Egyptian revolution, organized a Peoples Convention in London.

While primarily about organizing mass resistance to proposed Conservative/Lib-Dem government […]

Socialist Judith Orr speaks at the US Embassy in London

More From Socialist Orr, On The Egyptian Revolution

Trevor Loudon New Zeal 2/10/2011

Another lecture from British Socialist Workers Party leader Judith Orr, on the the Egyptian revolution.

Why don’t we try and bring down our own government….victory to the Egyptian revolution!

CAJ note: according to the YouTube account, this speech was given on […]