Britain’s credit rating downgraded

The Government’s economic strategy has been dealt a serious blow after a leading credit ratings agency downgraded UK debt on its expectation that growth will “remain sluggish over the next few years”.

James Hurley The Telegraph [UK] 22 Feb 2013

Moody’s announced on Friday night that it had cut the Government’s bond rating one notch […]

Margaret Thatcher’s final Q & A in the House of Commons

22 November 2011

On the 22nd November 1990 Margaret Thatcher took questions in the House of Commons for the last time.

The transcript is here.

Unfortunately, the British didn’t heed Mrs. Thatcher’s advice a few weeks earlier when she said, “no, no, no” to a European Union and its policy of single currency. This […]

When you sell your soul to the devil…

Billionaire George Soros ‘slapped 28-year-old Brazilian ex-lover and tried to choke her after he refused to give her $1.9m Manhattan apartment’

The Daily Mail [UK] 11th August 2011

Billionaire financier George Soros is being sued for $50 million by his former lover – a 28-year-old Brazilian soap star who claims he physically abused her and […]

Ireland forced to take EU and IMF bail-out package

Bruno Waterfield Telegraph 21 Nov 2010

Ireland has finally been forced to take an economic bail-out from the European Union in a deal designed to save the euro.

After a humiliating week of denying it needed help, the Dublin government succumbed to pressure from other euro zone countries and asked for a “very big” loan.