Democratic Think Tank Study Finds Harry Reid and Senate Dems are Responsible for Gridlock

Heather Ginsberg Townhall 1/15/2014

As if it wasn’t obvious before, we now have a liberal leaning think tank blaming Senate Democrats for all the trouble the government has been having lately. Newest analysis from the Brookings Institution points directly at the Democrat-controlled Senate to blame for the congressional gridlock.

Justifying this conclusion the analysis opens […]

Report: Gen. Mattis Forced Out of CENTCOM for Questioning Obama’s Advisers

Awr Hawkins Big Peace 21 Jan 2013

Reports indicate that Marine General James Mattis is being forced out of CENTCOM for questioning certain aspects of the Obama administration’s Middle East policy.

In particular, it appears his questions surrounding the U.S. response to Iran’s nuclear ambitions drew the ire of civilian military and security advisers.


Senator Marco Rubio Discusses Future of U.S. Foreign Policy

SenatorMarcoRubio YouTube 4/25/2012

“For this century is a time of tremendous challenge. But it is also a time of tremendous promise. This is indeed the world America made. And it is freer and more prosperous than it has ever been. And it can be even better. As Americans we cannot make that happen by ourselves. […]