Report: Obama Eager for More Unilateral Executive Actions in Second Term

Tony Lee Big Government 24 Oct 2012

In a Newsweek article titled, “President Obama’s Executive Power Grab,” writers Andrew Romano and Daniel Klaidman write about the “Obama power play that could forever change the way Washington works” and how American could see more of it during a second term.

After the debate on Monday, […]

Democrats Set to Break Spending Cap Agreement

“Only in Washington does spending underneath a cap get you accused of breaking a deal while spending more than an agreement means people just look the other way.”


John Hinderaker Power Line 4/23/2012

Last summer, as part of the agreement that resulted in raising the federal government’s debt limit, Congress passed the […]

Rep. Paul Ryan Blasts Back at White House’s Budget Ultimatum

America’s Newsroom Fox News Insider 4/19/2012

The White House essentially issued an ultimatum to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, warning him that he needs to change his budget bill … or else. President Obama has said that he won’t sign any budget that breaks the terms of the debt deal reached over the summer. […]

Allen West calls McConnell and McCain on the carpet over payroll debacle

The Right Scoop 1/6/2012

Rep. Allen West tells Mark Levin that Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. John McCain should come before the House GOP conference and explain why they criticized House Republicans on national TV after pulling the rug out from under them during the payroll debacle in December…

The audio is at The Right […]

Fiscal Conservatives Barred from Supercommittee

Will Senate Republicans be able to prevent tax hikes?

Stephen F. Hayes The Weekly Standard 8/2/2011

The debt ceiling deal will pass the Senate early this afternoon. No suspense there. But the vote will be worth watching for another reason: Three Republican Senate sources tell TWS that senators who vote against the deal will be […]

Vote on debt ceiling could push DeMint to back incumbent primary challengers

Cameron Joseph The Hill 8/1/2011

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) might back primary challengers to incumbent Republican senators after all.

DeMint had promised after last year’s election that he would not endorse any opponents to his fellow GOP lawmakers in the 2012 cycle. But now he is angry enough with the debt-ceiling compromise that Senate Minority […]