Why were Paul and Cruz the only Republican senators who voted against the budget?

Matt Purple Rare.us 5/6/2015

Seriously, why were they? It’s not like other Republicans weren’t wavering. Senator Bob Corker, widely regarded as one of the more moderate GOP senators, stalled the entire budget last week because it employs a cheap gimmick that allows lawmakers to spend nonexistent savings in the future. But in the end even […]

Mike Lee’s Plan To Fix Congress

Five Steps To Restore Trust, Transparency, And Empowerment

Sen. Mike Lee The Federalist 11/6/2014

…As a frequent critic of my party’s strategic timidity—and as incoming chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, whose job it is encourage bolder thinking and action—I thought it incumbent on me to offer some concrete, early, and hopefully constructive suggestions about […]

Endgame: House passes clean debt-ceiling hike, 221-201

Allahpundit Hot Air 2/11/2014

Voting yes: 193 Democrats and just 28 Republicans. Boehner did, as expected, find the votes. Barely…


We’ve ended an era in which a GOP minority controlled the Senate and are entering an era in which a Democratic minority controls the House.

— Daniel Foster (@DanFosterType) February 11, 2014




UN Budget Negotiated by Drunken Third World Delegates

Daniel Greenfield FrontPage Magazine 3/5/2013

Good news. Your UN Budget isn’t just the result of corruption and greed, it’s also the product of huge amounts of alcohol. Word on that comes from Joseph Torsella, the U.S. ambassador for management and reform at the United Nations.

“We make the modest proposal that the negotiating rooms should […]

Charles Krauthammer: GOP, stop saving liberalism from itself

Charles Krauthammer The Orange County Register 1/18/2013

It has become conventional wisdom that Republicans are suffering an internal split that President Obama is successfully exploiting to neuter the Republican House. It is not true, however, that the Republican split is philosophical and fundamental. And that a hopelessly divided GOP is therefore headed for decline, perhaps […]

Mark Levin blasts ‘imperial president’

Talk show host claims Obama riding roughshod over Constitution

FoxNews.com 1/14/2013

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

Via Real Clear Politics, this transcription:

MARK LEVIN: I’m not into imperial presidents who act imperial and speak imperial and Obama forgets there’s a Constitution. Yes, he keeps telling us he won reelection. Congratulations, but guess what? The […]