Australia: New South Wales police given authority to remove face veils for identification on traffic stops

Marisol Jihad Watch 7/5/2011

In the West, the female face is not a private part. This necessary and eminently logical move comes in the aftermath of the Carnita Matthews case, which set up a perfect Catch-22 wherein the defendant would not remove her niqab for reasons of Islamic “modesty,” and then won an appeal because […]

Liberty. No burqa.

2 March 2011

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Communist Art Depicting Che and Fidel Graces Halls of Library of Congress…

Zip Weasel Zippers 3/2/2011

How lovely.

(Weekly Standard) — While the debate about curbing government spending continues, allow me to propose a modest but important cut: the Library of Congress’s Employee Art show. Or can we at least cut out artwork that praises communist revolutionaries?

I was strolling through the halls of the Library’s […]

Anti-TSA strip search uniform revealed!

theblogprof 11/18/2010

If you want to get through the airport without some TSA agent named Bruno going elbow-deep in your rear end, wear one of these anti-TSA uniforms:

Also comes in black:

From The Blaze: CAIR: TSA Can Only Pat Down Muslim Women’s Head, Neck. Has a suicide bomber ever strapped a bomb […]

Asian Muslims warn of backlash to French veil ban

Islamic authorities in Asia fear French decision to ban full-face veils could spark terrorist backlash.

Middle East Online 2010-09-15

JAKARTA – Islamic authorities in Asia warned Wednesday that French lawmakers’ decision to ban full-face veils could spark a terrorist backlash, arguing the decision only widened rifts with the Muslim world.

The top Islamic body in […]

Lifting the veil on airport security

Air security won’t ask for veiled Muslims to prove ID

Brian Lilley and Bryn Weese 8/1/2010

OTTAWA – Frequent flyers know the drill: take off your shoes, surrender your tweezers and pack your shampoo in those little plastic baggies before lining up for the naked body scanners. But lift your niqab? Apparently not.

QMI […]