Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign Announcement

C-SPAN 3/23/2015

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) declared his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. He made the announcement from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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The Washington Post has the transcript of the Senator’s speech here.  

  35 Things That Ted Cruz Asked Americans to […]

Bill Whittle: Why Benghazi Matters

Bill Whittle TruthRevoltOriginals YouTube 6/11/2014

In his latest, hard-hitting FIREWALL, Bill provides a moment-by-moment breakdown of the events leading up to the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi, a detailed analysis of who was doing and saying what as the attack was underway, and chronicles the following ten days of deceptions and lies on the […]

Stephanie Cutter: Romney Must Apologize for Race Tape

Jeffrey Lord The American Spectator 10/3/2012

This is rich.

Stephanie Cutter, the Obama spokesperson and deputy campaign manager, is being quoted over there at Talking Points Memo as going on CNN and saying the person who needs to apologize for then-Senator Obama’s race baiting 2007 tape is…. Mitt Romney! Really!

Here’s the quote from TPM:


A pollster under oath

Josh Gerstein Politico 10/2/2012

…In May, the pollster for Al Gore’s presidential bid in 2000 and John Edwards’s in 2004 and 2008, Harrison Hickman, took the stand in the federal criminal case against Edwards over alleged campaign finance violations stemming from payments to support Edwards’s mistress.

Under oath, Hickman admitted that in the final weeks […]

This ‘47%’ quote is supposed to tank Romney’s campaign, but he seems to have read the same statistics you and I have.

SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters

When he doesn’t know a camera’s rolling, the GOP candidate shows his disdain for half of America.

David Corn Mother Jones 9/17/2012

During a private fundraiser earlier this year, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a small group of wealthy contributors what […]

Flashback: Obama Used Tragedy Against McCain in 2008

American Thinker 9/13/2012

Bizarro World: Candidate Obama used 9 military deaths to criticize his opponent’s stance on Iraq in 2008. In 2012, however, questioning President Obama’s own actions in the Middle East is considered inappropriate and ‘politicizing’ a tragedy. And the lapdog media just smiles and nods along…


Media turns Barack Obama foreign […]