‘Both parties are dragging us into war in the Middle East’

Glenn Beck 6/17/2013

Only 11% of Americans want us to arm the rebels in Syria yet the Obama administration isn’t listening. But it’s not just the Democrats, progressives in both parties are pushing for U.S. involvement as evidenced by John McCain’s recent trip to Syria where he met with the rebels. Why is this a […]

Meet the al Qaeda Cannibals the Obama Regime Supports

SheikYerMami Winds of Jihad 5/13/2013

We are paying for this. I’m beginning to understand people who say ‘America deserves it’.

Under the black flag of al-Qaeda, the Syrian city ruled by gangs of extremists Muselmaniacs

The black flag of al-Qaeda flies high over Raqqa’s main squarein front of the smart new governor’s palace, its former […]

Stalin, cannibalism, and the true nature of evil

What the new book Bloodlands tells us about the nature of evil.

Ron Rosenbaum Slate Magazine 2/7/2011

How much should the cannibalism count? How should we factor it into the growing historical-moral-political argument over how to compare Hitler’s and Stalin’s genocides, and the death tolls of communism and fascism in general. I know I had […]