Catholic college’s Poli-sci department ‘proud’ to host pro-abortion Senator for lecture

Providence College Political Science Department Hosting Pro-Abortion Senator for Lecture

Tim Drake Cardinal Newman Society 2/8/2013

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

Providence College’s political science department says that it’s “proud” to host pro-abortion Democratic Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for a lecture. The college’s campus calendar shows the lecture as taking place on Friday, […]

If Boko Haram Burns to Death a Churchful of Catholics in Nigeria . . .

Dan Collins Conservative Commune 2/2/2013

. . . is it newsworthy?

No. Because apparently none of them resembled closely enough Obama’s hypothetical son…


The article continues at Conservative Commune.


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ObamaCare Will Bring Bureaucracy, Endless Rules And Coercion, But Improve Nothing

Mark Steyn 12/14/2012

…Under the Supreme National Coordinator, the United States government is setting up a national database for everybody’s medical records, so that if a Texan hiker falls off Mount Katahdin after walking the Appalachian Trail, Maine’s first responders will be able to know exactly how many bisexual gun-owners she’s slept with, and […]

Pelosi Won't Defend First Amendment Rights of Historic San Francisco Catholic Hospital

Matt Cover CNS News 11/30/2012

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is Catholic, indicated on Friday that she supports forcing St. Mary’s Medical Center, the oldest continuously operating hospital in her San Francisco-based congressional district, to provide health plans to its workers that cover sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs free of charge even though […]

Federal judge rules in favor of Catholic business on birth control regs

Rick Moran American Thinker 11/2/2012

This is just the first skirmish in a war that will almost certainly end up in the Supreme Court. A Detroit federal judge has ruled that a Catholic business in Michigan doesn’t have to comply with the HHS regulations issued by the Obama administration that require employers to offer health […]

Rush: The Joe Biden at the debate last night is the Democrat Party

The Right Scoop 10/12/2012

Rush says that many like to refer to Joe Biden as “good old Joe” but he says the Joe Biden that was at the debate last night is the real Joe Biden. He’s not a nice guy, Rush says, and has no compunction about lying about good and honorable people. And […]