The Data Behind Romney’s 47% Comments

Damian Paletta and John D. McKinnon The Wall Street Journal 9/18/2012

In his comments to fundraisers captured on video, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said 47% of Americans would almost automatically vote for President Barack Obama because they were “dependent” on the government, in part because they received government benefits and paid no federal income […]

ABC News Did The Math Wrong On Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan

Rob Port Say Anything 10/13/2011

There are some good questions to be asked about Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. For instance, what part of the Constitution gives the federal government the right to tax sales transactions which take place within the borders of one state? Conservatives are against that sort of stretching of the interstate commerce […]

Bill Blocks Billions in Child Tax Credits to Illegal Immigrants

Audrey Hudson Human Events 9/21/2011

New legislation sponsored by Rep. Sam Johnson (R.-Tex.) would block illegal immigrants from cashing in on the refundable child tax credit and save the federal government tens of billions of dollars.

“Last year illegal immigrants bilked $4.2 billion from U.S. taxpayers due to a loophole with the refundable child tax […]

The 2011 Tax Tsunami

Gary Wickert Pajamas Media 11/18/2010

…The cause and effect phenomenon of tax cuts resulting in increased federal tax revenues is difficult to figure out only for those who have never run a business, met a payroll, or read a balance sheet. It was, in fact, one of the most famous Democrats in history who memorialized […]