Boston Globe Admits that Food Deserts ‘aren’t as common as the rhetoric suggests’

Peter Wilson American Thinker 5/29/2012

Conservatives have been highly skeptical from the beginning about the fixation of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign on the elimination of “food deserts.” For example, two years ago I wrote an article for AT, titled “Federal Anti-Obesity Initiative to Eliminate Food Deserts,” which concludes, “you can’t force people to buy […]

Judge Napolitano Weighs in on Massachusetts’ Ban on Bake Sales

Your World Fox News Insider 5/8/2012

A new law in Massachusetts would ban bake sales at public schools in an effort to contribute in the fight against obesity.

Judge Andrew Napolitano believes this ban is very “serious” because it shows the government, particularly in Massachusetts, “doesn’t recognize any limitations on its power.” He went on […]

Illinois lawmaker getting international reaction to ‘fat tax’ suggestion

Hannah Hess 5/11/2011

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. • A controversial comment by an Illinois lawmaker about taking away state tax deductions from parents who have obese children has drawn attention nationwide. Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh, bloggers on Gawker, the New York Times and the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail are among the outlets running with the story.