Quote of the day, the Hitchens v. Hedges edition

“If despair among Palestinians was enough to create psychopathic criminal behavior, there’s been enough despair for a long time, and enough misery to go around. It is to excuse the vicious, filthy forces of Islamic jihad to offer any other explanation but that it is their own evil preaching, their own vile religion, […]

In Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011

“Stellar fire was your womb, and stellar fire will be your grave: a just course for one who has always blazed so very brightly.”

~author Martin Amis, a Hitchens friend since their days at Oxford

Hitchens at a work camp for young revolutionaries in Cuba, 1968. Only a few […]

Amnesty International seeks George W. Bush’s arrest

Tim Mak Politico 10/12/2011

The human rights group Amnesty International called on Canadian authorities Wednesday to arrest former President George W. Bush when he attends an economic summit in the province of British Columbia next week.

The group accused Bush of “responsibility for crimes under international law including torture.”

Amnesty International asked that Canada either […]

Christopher Hitchens: from 9/11 to the ‘Arab Spring’

Over the past decade Hitchens has taken a combative stance on world events. He reflects on these writings.

Christopher Hitchens Guardian [UK] 9 September 2011

Three men: Mohamed Bouazizi, Abu-Abdel Monaam Hamedeh, and Ali Mehdi Zeu – a Tunisian street vendor, an Egyptian restaurateur and a Libyan husband and father. In the spring of 2011, […]

Christopher Hitchens: No mystery why Pakistan hates us

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 6/8/2011

CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: From Abbottabad To Worse. “There’s absolutely no mystery to the ‘Why do they hate us?’ question, at least as it arises in Pakistan. They hate us because they owe us, and are dependent upon us. The two main symbols of Pakistan’s pride—its army and its nuclear program—are wholly parasitic […]

Author Christopher Hitchens given experimental cancer treatment

Can Evangelical Doctor Help Save Life of Top Atheist Writer Christopher Hitches?

Emily Esfahani Smith The Blaze 3/26/2011

Christopher Hitchens, the atheist writer dying of esophageal cancer, has turned to an unlikely source as he tries to beat back death: evangelical doctor Francis Collins, the former director of the National Human Genome Project.

In that […]