Federal Government Graduates First Class of Homeland Youths

Welcome to the FEMA Corps Inaugural Class

Department of Homeland Security 9/14/2012

Originially [sic] posted by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Deputy Administrator Rich Serino on Thursday, August 13, 2012

Yesterday, we welcomed 231 energetic members into the first ever FEMA Corps class. The members just finished off their first month of training with […]

Hero general: Obama following Castro’s plan

‘The things done in every Marxist insurgency are being done in America today’

Drew Zahn WorldNetDaily 7/3/2012

Earlier this year, a former senior Pentagon official who has battled Marxism around the globe released a video warning that Barack Obama is following in the footsteps of Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin and others who have led communist […]

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Training: Their Target is the Tea Party

AJ NoisyRoom 4/23/2012

Hundreds of OWS training workshops took place this month throughout the country, in all 50 states, including small rural areas. Inside one of the training workshops, attendees report that OWS is “specifically instructed to go to any and all Tea Party gatherings, rallies, etc., to be confrontational and create havoc and disruption.”


Agenda 21 – Ending Liberty in America

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton NoisyRoom.net 7/5/2011

Long Island City Housing Projects (click image for larger view)

The picture above represents the kind of structure we’ll soon be herded into – you, me, our families – everyone in America. Well… everyone except the powerful politicians and elites who are working to corral us into these government […]

Another way the Dems mean to take over your lives, young ‘uns

26 July 2010

“…and for other purposes”?

And for other purposes?! Oh, this smells. Take it from those of us who were young adults during the last draft this country enacted: this is really gonna suck for you, Young America.

111th CONGRESS 2d Session H. R. 5741 To […]

America’s ‘Emergency health army’ ?

Obamacare prescription: ‘Emergency health army’ Force subject to ‘involuntary calls to active duty’ during ‘public crises’

Chelsea Schilling WorldNetDaily 3/25/2010

President Obama’s recently passed health-care reform legislation includes a surprise for many Americans – a beefing up of a U.S. Public Health Service reserve force and expectations that it respond on short notice to “routine […]