EPA Admits Climate Rule Will Raise Electricity Prices

Michael Bastasch The Libertarian Republic 04 Jun 2014

In 2008, Barack Obama said his energy plan would cause electricity prices to “necessarily skyrocket.” The Environmental Protection Agency’s latest power plant regulations seem designed to do just that.

The EPA’s own regulatory analysis of its rule to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants says […]

Obama Says No to Oil Leases, But Yes to Windmills, Off the Atlantic Coast

Susan Jones CNS News 12/3/2012

President Obama’s plan for the Outer Continental Shelf does not include any new oil and gas leases in the Atlantic Ocean over the next five years, but it does include windmills.

The Interior Department wants to lease nearly 278,000 acres off the coasts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Virginia for […]

Global Warming by Another Name

Obama’s clean energy boondoggle will be expensive for America

Shikha Dalmia Reason Magazine 3/7/2011

President Barack Obama uttered not a peep about global warming in his State of Union this year. No dire warnings about climate apocalypse. No calls for cap-and-trade. Has this cold winter convinced him to put his global warming agenda on ice?


Green boondoggles

Bam’s ‘clean energy’ gambit

Shikha Dalmia New York Post 3/2/2011

President Obama hasn’t abandoned his jobs-killing global-warming agenda, just wrapped it in the rhetoric of “clean energy.” And that may be enough to get Republicans to sign on.

That “clean energy” is code for “anti-warming” is obvious, given that even Environmental Protection Agency numbers show […]

Lindsey Graham Seeks to Bail Out General Electric and Rescue Obama’s Energy Policy

Tom Borelli Townhall.com 2/20/2010

By advocating for a renewable energy bill on the eve of the demise of the man-made global warming theory and for its legislative offspring, economy killing cap-and-trade legislation, progressive Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is simultaneously seeking to bail out GE and to rescue Obama’s energy policy.

Graham is working with GE […]