In Australia the winds of political change blow away climate bureaucracy

Graham Lloyd and Chris Kenny The Australian 9/20/2013

THE Climate Commission has been scrapped and billions of dollars in renewable energy funding effectively frozen as the Abbott government moved swiftly to wind back Australia’s climate change response, as promised.

Outgoing chief commissioner Tim Flannery, who was told yesterday morning he had lost his $180,000-a-year, part-time […]

‘Failure here is good for the world’s poor people.’

Climate Depot Featured at UN Earth Summit: “Failure here is good for the world’s poor people. We need to redefine sustainable development as oil, gas, coal.”

Morano: ‘Failure is the only option for this conference if you care about the environment & poor people. Carbon based energy has been one of the greatest liberators of […]

US Chamber targeting George Soros?

American Thinker 11/6/2010

…George Soros… is the major funder of a wide range of leftist 527 groups (MoveOn.Org), influential liberal think tanks (Center for American Progress), left-wing politicians (including Barack Obama) and left–wing media outlets (NPR, Media Matters). But his resume does not stop there (see the long list of groups he funds here). He […]