DRUDGE SIREN: Obama Pushes for UN 'Climate' Rules Without Congress

Jim Hoft The Gateway Pundit 8/26/2014


DRUDGE SIREN—- Obama Pushes for UN “Climate” Rules Without Congress The agreement would skirt the US Senate.

The New York Times reported:

The Obama administration is working to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions, but without […]

UN Global Warming Summit Reaches ‘Consensus’ as Obama Brings U.S. Aboard

Craig Rucker National Review Online 11/24/2013

…While all this was going on, however, the bureaucrats kept working behind the scenes to keep things moving towards the goal they’ve set — signing a full global warming treaty in Paris in 2015 — a treaty which for the first time includes the United States.

Just as the […]

Climate talks collapse!

Russia derails treaty track at UN climate summmit in Bonn

Craig Rucker CFACT 6/12/2013

…When the UN climate talks opened in Bonn last week, Russia, joined by Ukraine and Belarus, blocked adoption of the agenda of the “Subsidiary Body for Implementation” (SBI). The SBI is the key negotiating track towards signing a UN climate treaty […]

Everybody Hates the U.N.’s New Climate Plan

Reuters via FoxNews.com 6/11/2010

BONN, Germany, June 11 — Rich and poor nations alike criticized a new blueprint for a U.N. climate treaty on Friday as two weeks of talks among 185 countries ended with small steps towards an elusive deal.

A streamlined climate draft, meant to help talks on a new pact, cut out […]