Sweet Mercy, I Can't Get Enough Ezekiel Emanue!

Joel B. Pollak Breitbart.com Big Journalism 3 Nov 2013

…Emanuel went on Wallace’s program to defend the indefensible–that Obama had not lied about people being able to keep their plans, that it was all the insurance companies’ fault. Watching him, one had the sense viagra online prices that he believed it: that he was saving […]

Tense: Megyn Kelly Takes on Obamacare Architect Over Law’s Ongoing Issues, Obama’s Broken Promises

Jason Howerton The Blaze 10/25/2013

On Friday’s episode of “The Kelly File,” Megyn Kelly battled Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the architects of Obamacare, over the horrific rollout of the health care law. One of the most contentious topics of debate was whether Obama’s many assurances were “intentionally misleading or grossly mistaken.”

Have just started using […]

New York Times: We need death panels

Glenn Beck 9/26/2012


An op/ed that ran in the New York Times earlier this month has made a startling declaration: “We need death panels.” The claim comes from a former Obama advisor, Steven Rattner, who claims that too many Medicare resources are wasted on the elderly in their last year of life. While […]

Your Medical Privacy–Another Obamacare Casualty

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. TakeBackMedicine 10/30/2011

…My patients are horrified at the idea that…personal health information could be released to a government database, open to anyone with access to the system. But your privacy is another casualty of the damage caused by Obamacare’s new rules and regulations governing health professionals.

The U.S. Department of Health […]

Caller To Mark Levin Show: Patients Over 70 Who Need Neurosurgery To Be Called ‘Units’ Given ‘Comfort Care’ Under Upcoming Obamacare Rules

If someone comes in at 70 years of age with a bleed in their brain, I can promise you I’m not going to get a bunch of administrators together on an ethics panel at 2 in the morning to decide that I’m OK to do surgery.

Marooned in Marin 11/23/2011

A neurosuregon from […]

Quote of the day

26 December 2010

…Procedurally, we all should care. This is a textbook example of what I have been warning. Obamacare simply is the infrastructure. The details and the demons will be worked out in regulations.

The fact that such a controversial change was kept quiet for so long, and that the […]