AFP buses traveling to Washington, DC on 5 November

If you live in North Carolina, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania Americans for Prosperity is providing buses to Washington, DC for tomorrow’s Congressional House Call Day gathering with Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Go to the AFP website if you need a ride to hear Rep. Bachmann, Jon Voight, and Mark Levin speak on the Capitol steps […]

How to Join Michele Bachmann’s Protest Without Going to Washington, DC

by Rob SayAnythingBlog November 3, 2009

Rep. Michele Bachmann is urging people to join her on the steps of the US Capitol to protest the Democrat health care bill. Obviously, Washington DC is a long trip for most Americans to make especially at a time when finances are tight and the holidays are looming.

For […]

Mark Levin Will Join Michelle Bachmann at Capital Steps Rally- Noon Thursday

Jim Hoft Gateway Pundit Monday, November 2, 2009

Talk radio host and best selling author Mark Levin will join with Michelle Bachmann on the Capital Steps on Thursday at noon. Concerned Americans will join the top conservatives to protest the Pelosi nationalized health care disaster.

From the Representative Bachmann’s website:

Bachmann Calls on the […]

On November 5th make a ‘Congressional House Call’

If you cannot travel to Washington, DC, to meet with Rep. Michele Bachmann at the Capitol on Thursday, November 5th, you can still tell Congress to “keep your hands off my health care.” Here’s how, from an email today from Americans for Prosperity:

You’ve no doubt seen Speaker Pelosi’s “final” House bill. The vote is […]