Here’s Why the Super Committee Failed

Image: Flickr Chris Griffith


Zeke Miller Business Insider 11/21/2011

We’ll spare you the back and forth, but suffice it to say that Democrats and Republicans are blaming each other for the super committee’s so-to-be-announced failure to cut $1.2 trillion from the federal deficit.

But both sides share a part in the committee’s failure — […]

Economist Warns ‘Tough’ Year Ahead Without Deficit Deal 11/20/2011

A top economist warned Sunday that failure by the deficit committee to reach a deal tees up a year of potential turmoil that could rattle the financial markets and the economy.

Moody’s chief economist Mark Zandi told “Fox News Sunday” it looks like the so-called Super Committee will not achieve its goal of […]

Mark Levin exposes Warren Buffett cronyism with Obama administration

The Right Scoop 11/15/2011

After you listen to this, you won’t be happy. Mark Levin takes us through two separate cronyism deals between Warren Buffett and his Democrat allies in Congress and the administration. Buffett’s making money off of the taxpayers using his connections and we are getting the shaft. It’s no wonder he’s become […]

Steyn: Supercommittee to the rescue

Deficit-reduction fever rages, but plans for a Christmas-tree tax are axed.

Mark Steyn The Orange County Register 11/11/2011

Have you been following this so-called Supercommittee? They’re the new superhero group of Superfriends from the Supercongress who are going to save America from plummeting over the cliff and into the multitrillion-dollar abyss. There’s Spender Woman (Patty […]

Dems Walk Away From Deficit Supercommittee…

Zip Weasel Zippers 11/9/2011

If these morons can’t get their act together and hammer out a deal it’s the military that’s going to pay the price with draconian cuts set to automatically take effect.


Related: Sean Hannity’s website has more. Emerging Corruption has a complete explanation of the walk-out and the serious consequences.


Peter Schiff: ‘Reckless’ Bernanke Is Creating the Next Crisis

Jennifer Carinci Breakout Yahoo! Finance 11/3/2011

The Federal Reserve may have released a relatively benign statement taking no further action to stimulate the economy, but a fierce debate is just getting started over the Central Bank’s next moves.

The FOMC statement reiterated that interest rates will hold near zero through mid-2013, and “Operation Twist” —the […]