Obama’s ‘Signature Achievement’ Will Be Bypassing the Constitution

Obama is on his way to circumventing checks and balances with more regularity than any president in history.

David Harsanyi Reason.com 3/20/2015

…Some liberal pundits have suggested that Obama’s deal might force Republican candidates to take unpopular positions on climate change in the 2016 cycle. It might. But Republicans have a far more powerful case […]

Obamadelphia, DC: the New US Capital

Bill Whittle PJ Media YouTube 7/3/2014

Why should Washington be a slur any longer? Our first President has nothing to do with the way the town named for him has become synonymous with narcissism, overburdening regulation and cowardice. No, this city looks more like Obama’s vision, rather than Washington’s.


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Holder Confirms Obama Ready to Use Executive Order on Guns ‘in Absence of Meaningful Action’ by Congress

Bridget Johnson PJ Tatler PJ Media 1/29/2014

Attorney General Eric Holder said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today that President Obama is open to using an executive action to push through gun-control and/or associated mental health measures that haven’t found approval in Congress.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), one of the top proponents of new […]

Liberty and Safety

Andrew P. Napolitano LewRockwell.com 7/24/2013

When Edward Snowden revealed that the federal government, in direct defiance of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, was unlawfully and unconstitutionally spying on all Americans who use telephones, text messaging or emails to communicate with other persons, he opened a Pandora’s box of allegations and recriminations. The allegations he […]

More about the State of the Union from Glenn Beck, others

Glenn Beck The Blaze TV 2/13/2013

Glenn breaks down some of the ridiculous ideas Obama laid out in his State of the Union.


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Tim Scott on Obama: “80 percent of what he says we never see come to fruition”

Obama Lied About Deficit […]

President Obama gives himself permission to kill

Did you consent to a government that can kill whom it wishes? How about one that plays tricks on federal judges? How long will it be before the presidential killing comes home?

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano Opinion FoxNews.com 2/7/2013

After stonewalling for more than a year federal judges and ordinary citizens who sought […]