This may be the best campaign ad of 2010

Now THIS Is What I’m Talkin’ About…

Conservative Pup 5/16/2010

…and what I’ve been longing for. A real American man, who is as tough as Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. We need about five thousand or so more like him.

Watch and enjoy the best ad I’ve seen, maybe ever, for someone running for a […]

Understanding Obama: learn the four types of enablers of narcissists

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by Cynthia Yockey November 13, 2009

Conservative Pup is a nurse and she was disturbed by Obama’s cold and inappropriate behavior right after the Ft. Hood mass murder — […]

Townhall Meeting With Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK)


I attended my first townhall meeting today. Put on my best boots, clean jeans, and my nicest polo shirt and drove about 40 miles to listen to Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK). He had been previously scheduled to be at the Ardmore Public Library, but organizers had moved it to […]