The Ties that Biden

Charlie Gasparino FoxBusiness 10/22/2012

David Richter, the president of Hill International (HIL), a mid-sized outfit that manages construction projects, was speaking last year at a private meeting with investors when he was asked about the recent success of his newest subsidiary, HillStone International.

How was it that HillStone, a newcomer in the business of home […]

White House to get $376M renovation

CAJ note: While walking back to our hotel from the Restoring Honor rally we saw what we believed were building materials being delivered to a gate at the White House. This article confirms that.

First extensive update since Truman era

Gannett News via Chicago Sun-Times 5/22/2010

Anyone who has gone through home renovations can sympathize […]

A Victory Against Obama’s Unionism in New Hampshire

by Warner Todd Huston

In a victory for free labor, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has canceled its solicitation for bids to build a new Jobs Corps Center in the state of New Hampshire. Why is it a victory? Because initial plans to receive bids would have discriminated against non-union construction companies per […]