Tom DeWeese: What is Agenda 21 and What Can Citizens Do to Resist

South Carolina Tea Party Coalition via Tea Party Patriots 1/13/2013

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At Rio + 20 UN Official: Western Nations ‘Don’t Need More Cars, More TV, Whatever’

Paul Wilson 6/19/2012

Environmental concerns have caused one high-ranking UN official to declare that “the West” does not need more cars, televisions, and other consumer luxuries.

United Nations Development Programme head Helen Clark told AFP in an interview: “So the issue is how to get human development that will see it continue to rise […]

Fareed Zakaria to the American people: You are ‘the big problem’

Jeff Poor The Daily Caller 12/15/2010

So if you had a prime time cable news show and were looking for thoughtful insight into the current tax-cut debate being waged on Capitol Hill, who might you invite on your show? How about the guy with a show on your network with a focus on foreign policy?