On the anniversary of D-Day, let me remind you what REAL courage is


Allen West 6/6/2015

…This time 71 years ago, there were men who boarded airplanes based in England. Their flight path would take them over the English Channel to Normandy where their mission was to jump in behind enemy lines. Their responsibility was to restore liberty to those who had been living under the […]

A silent monologue: Last Words

Glenn Beck 6/10/2013

Last week, Glenn was told that his vocal cords have been paralyzed. Don’t worry, the problem will come and go and the problem can be repaired, but the experience has made Glenn wonder “If today was the last day I had a voice, what would I say?”. He reveals the answer in […]

‘REAGAN: The Movie’

Reagan The Movie Facebook 5/27/2013




About the film:

When asked in a recent poll to rate American Presidents, 18% of Americans chose Ronald Wilson Reagan as the best President the nation has ever had, 16% chose John F. Kennedy and 14% selected Abraham Lincoln. Another poll asked Americans to rate their […]

Woolwich attacks: Lee Rigby’s tearful family speak of their pride in murdered soldier

The wife of murdered soldier Drummer Lee Rigby says he was “a devoted father” and she and her son Jack “will both miss him terribly”.

The Telegraph [UK] 24 May 2013

Drummer Lee Rigby’s wife Rebecca and stepfather Ian Rigby fought back tears as they spoke on behalf of the tragic 25-year-old’s whole family, at […]

The influence of our Founders in Syria

15 April 2012

Our Founders are long gone and our Constitution may be considered old and irrelevant to some but, more than 200 years after his death, this is the impact of Patrick Henry:

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The people who fought for America’s freedom understood human nature and tyranny. […]

Quote of the day

2 January 2012

The nation with the greatest moral power will win. Of that are born armies and navies and the resolution to endure.

Have faith in the moral power of America. It gave independence under Washington and freedom under Lincoln.

Here, right never lost. Here, wrong never won.