My Boy, Sweet Andrew

Orson Bean Big Journalism 1 Mar 2013

…The New Yorker announced that it was going to publish a major piece on him and sent a female journalist to L.A.. I feared a hatchet job. After hanging out with him for ten days, she wrote a love letter.

As his fame spread, well known political […]

Our favorite pin-up…

14 February 2011

For you, on St. Valentine’s Day:

Andrew Breitbart ‘sits’ for an interview at CPAC 2011. [click on the image to view at full size]

From Da Techguy, My Andrew Breitbart Interview and ‘the Ladders’ photo. At the link is a good article, some video of Breitbart at CPAC and The Ladders […]

Congressman Allen West closes CPAC 2011

libertywriters YouTube 2/12/2011


…Allen West got a rousing ovation from the CPAC crowd for a much different speech than one that would have been given by the straw poll winner. He spoke of moral courage, steadfast defense against enemies, and a big ovation when he pledged that he would never allow America […]

The Ground Zero Mosque Event at CPAC

Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs 2/12/2011

Yesterday patriots and proud Americans joined Robert and me at CPAC to attend the AFDI/SIOA Ground Zero mosque conference. It was the most difficult and heartwrenching event I have put together in all my years in this fight.

Photo below: 911 families watch the trailer for the film. (Click on […]