‘Gasland’ director responds (sort of) to FrackNation film

Sean Higgins The Washington Examiner 3/4/2013

Last month, I wrote a column about a dueling pair of documentariesabout the debate over natural gas and “fracking,” the controversial method of releasing the gas from deep underground. Josh Fox’s 2010 film Gasland portrayed it as a major danger to the environment in general and drinking water in […]

Woodward at war

Jim Vandehei Mike Allen Behind the Curtain Politico 2/28/2013

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Bob Woodward called a senior White House official last week to tell him that in a piece in that weekend’s Washington Post, he was going to question President Barack Obama’s account of how sequestration came about — and got a major-league brushback. The Obama […]

Journolister Accuses GOP of Future Racism on Rangel, Waters

Rush Limbaugh The Rush Limbaugh Show 8/4/2010

RUSH: All right. Dave Weigel (“Why-Gell,” I think is how you pronounce the reporter’s name at Slate). Now, Dave Weigel — you may not know this. Some of you might. Dave Weigel was recently canned by the Washington Post. He was a blogger who reported on the conservative […]