What the Rush Limbaugh Camp Says They Found out About the Political Activists Behind the ‘Stop Rush’ Campaign

Fred Lucas The Blaze 9/23/2014

The “Rush Limbaugh Show” says its investigation has discovered the secret behind the Stop Rush campaign that has sought to pressure the program’s advertisers: it’s pushed by progressive activists and even violates Twitter rules.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently sent out a round of emails to potential donors echoing […]

Robert Kennedy Jr., Aspiring Tyrant

He’d like to charge the Kochs with treason and send climate-change dissenters to jail.

Charles C. W. Cooke National Review 9/22/2014

Blissfully unaware of how hot the irony burned, Robert Kennedy Jr. yesterday took to a public protest to rail avidly in favor of censorship. The United States government, Kennedy lamented in an interview withClimate […]

Rep. Michele Bachmann Will Not Run for Re-Election

Elizabeth Sheld Breitbart.com InstaBlog 5/29/2013

According to video on her website and on her Facebook page, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann will not run for a fifth term in Congress. A video was posted on her website Wednesday morning announcing her decision.

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Update: ‘Good riddance’: DCCC celebrates Bachmann’s retirement […]

Pelosi holds secret fundraiser with Islamists, Hamas-linked groups

Neil Munro The Daily Caller 11/2/2012

Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi headlined a high-dollar fundraiser in May that was attended by U.S.-based Islamist groups and individuals linked by the U.S. government to the Hamas jihad group and to the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood movement.

The donors at the undisclosed May 16 event included Nihad Awad, the […]

Obama camp – We are intentionally limiting crowd size at rallies

Kerry Picket The Washington Times 8/18/2012

The presumptive GOP presidential and vice presidential nominees Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan are attracting thousands of supporters to their campaign rallies since Mr. Romney named Mr. Ryan to the bottom of the ticket. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has taken notice of the massive crowds at the […]

New Obama panic: Romney crowd sizes

Paul Bedard The Washington Examiner 8/13/2012

The recent frantic email theme to supporters from Team Obama about Mitt Romney’s run-away fundraising successes has been expanded to the crowd size gap between the thousands who rushed out over the weekend to see Romney and new running mate Rep. Paul Ryan and the hundreds who cheered on […]