Make Room for Islamistgate: The Obama Administration’s Newest, (Biggest?) Scandal

Barry Rubin Rubin Reports PJ Media 6/4/2013

Currently the Obama administration is facing three big scandals — the IRS targeting, the bugging of AP and Fox, and Benghazi. Now we have scandal Number Four, just as large in scope.

For the last four years, the Obama administration has conducted a major “outreach” program to Islamic […]

Christians Stoned by Muslims in USA

Dave Blount Moonbattery 6/26/2012

Dearbornistan, a Muslim colony on the outskirts of Detroilet, offers us a glimpse of our future if we don’t push back against expansionist Islam:

The one thing we can count on these days is that the authorities will take the enemy’s side.


Jim Hoft’s readers at GatewayPundit have […]

Administration admits to ‘hundreds’ of meetings with jihad-linked group

Neil Munro The Daily Caller 6/8/2012

President Barack Obama’s deputies are holding “hundreds” of closed-door meetings with a jihad-linked lobbying group that is widely derided by critics as a U.S. arm of the theocratic Muslim Brotherhood.

The admission of meetings with the Council on American-Islamic Relations came from George Selim, the White House’s new director […]

Shocking Truth About ‘All-American Muslim’ Star, and Lowe’s Good Call

“The people who came to pray all told me that they have no trust in America. I am amazed since they all enjoyed living in it.”

Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack Human Events 12/15/2011

So you’re watching a soccer game in Dearborn, Mich., between al-Tadamon and Chelsea, a game that was advertised in […]

Three Michigan Congressmen write to Lowe’s demanding it advertise on ‘All-American Muslim’

Robert Spencer Jihad Watch 12/16/2011

Apparently now Muslims have a natural right to have their businesses and enterprises patronized by non-Muslims, or else. And so now Clarke, Peters and Dingell, three Michigan (what a coincidence) Congressmen, are demanding that a private company be forced to advertise where it does not wish to.

“Hansen Clarke, Gary […]

Judge allows Christian leaflets at Arab festival

The Right Scoop 6/16/2011

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that Christians asking questions or handing out pamphlets inside or outside the Arab festival in Dearbornistan, Michigan has always been met with law enforcement, denying them the right to do so. Well now things have finally changed:

CBN NEWS – […]